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first time Vegas
  dnagardi, May 06 2017

Long time no blog...

I've started playing poker 10 years ago, reading the beginners articles on LP with the help of Filthy_au ex wc3 player. Grinded hard, learnt a lot from you, was a slight winner at NL200, made decent money to support myself while finishing university. Had the dream that when I turn 21 I go to vegas, and make some big money but that shattered when black friday kicked in and got most of my funds frozen. Luckily I've got all of it back since then, but never really continued playing poker since.

Now I'm 27, working as a structural engineer here in Budapest, Hungary. Occasionally still playing poker live and online but just for fun.
Now together with my family we are doing a US trip celebrating my father's 60th birthday and their 30th marriage anniversary with my mother. New York - Washington and.... Las Vegas trip

During the day we will be sightseeing but when the night comes I will be hitting up the LV casinos, probably grinding the NL 1-3$ cash games. And this is where I would like to hear your advice on which casino to go to, which is the nicest, where are the softest games? Is there something I need to know, like is there a mandatory tipping when winning a pot? Any need to know advices?
Also would love to hear from you guys the attractions we should see in LV with my family

Thanks LP

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Year end 2016
  dnagardi, Jan 05 2017

Where are all the year end result summarizing blogs?
Cmon guys I know some of you still play poker!

Here is mine for the year:

+500$ in 300hands live
+100$ in 300hands online
Solid bb/100, solid year overall.

(I have not been playing poker since black friday)

Now its your turn

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Esport anthem
  dnagardi, Sep 19 2014

I know many of you come from an esport background, so heres the official LoL world cup song made by Imaging Dragons.
It gives me the nerd chills every time i hear it. Extremely well made. I've never played LoL but this song is true for all games.

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